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At 14 years old I received my father's old Canon camera, I immediately fell in love with the art of photography. I've had a passion for capturing moments and emotions through a lens ever since.

As a portrait photographer, I take time to get to know my clients so my portraits are more than just a photo of the subject: they express feeling and tell a story. Every portrait reveals a dramatic aspect of the clients personality or life. I pride myself on not just making the client look good but connecting them to the photo. My goal is for my client to look at a photo and feel an attachment to it.

I am always learning and trying new techniques and equipment to enhance my art. So while I have a style all my own, I am always trying new things on my family and friends. I take that skill and knowledge to my clients which these days include family portraits, senior pictures and commercial work.

My extensive travel in Europe, Australia, New Zealand, Asia and North America has allowed me to build a large portfolio of scenery, wildlife and local culture. My favorite subjects, however, will always be my children who have grown up accustomed to a camera focused on them.

I live in Morrisville, NC where I take advantage of the many wonderful outdoor activities available in our area. I am often swimming, biking, or wakeboarding in the warm weather and skiing or playing squash during colder periods.

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My Photo by -Keri McCauley